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Chambana Woes

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I do not need coffee. I can function well without it, and I usually go for days at a time without drinking any. But when I want a cup for when I need to be awake or I just have a taste for coffee, it is not advisable to get in my way.
This is where we run into difficulties, dear Chambana, you and I. It’s Sunday. Nothing is open. Art Mart doesn’t fire up their Linea La Spaziale until noon, and Paradiso is closed for “spring cleaning”. (Seriously, Paradiso, you didn’t think to do that during Spring Break?) No wi-fi at Dunkin Donuts. Forget Starbucks. I walked hopefully into the new Caribou but was assaulted by abrasively inoffensive County Market music (they share a space). So here I am at Pekara, eating a delicious Danish, and drinking something that tastes more like dirty airpot than coffee. I even had to dispense it myself. Listen, Chambana: you have Mahomet Aquifer Water. All you need to do is mix coffee and almost boiling water in a CLEAN vessel and let it sit for a few minutes and you get good coffee. But you apparently cannot even do that. We’re so over. At least until August. Then I try to fix this mess while scribbling about Pasolini and Agamben.


Written by Nick

5 April, 2009 at 9:27 am