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This coffee segment on the Today show is incredibly difficult for me to watch. It’s an attempt by a serious barista to explain way too much in too little time to an unreceptive audience. I’m crying foul at both (all three, if you count the producers) sides on this one. I’m frustrated with the hosts for seemingly repeating every mindless societal trope about coffee, I’m cringing because I recognize Dan Humphries’ agitation at the hosts’ laziness, and I really wish producers would stop shoehorning segments into certain constructs without serious consideration.

If you want to know why I’m talking about producers, read this over at coffeed, where the consensus seems to be that this went well and Humphries gives his account of the goings on. I think it went poorly.

I should probably be happy that a chance for exposure exists like this, and that the practices I agree with were put forward, but I don’t think they ended up being shown is a positive light. The vibe I get is: “Hey, here’s this funny coffee obsessed man who wants to make your life more complicated!” Humphries is much too apologetic as well. When pressed about the use of automatic drip makers, instead of reluctantly admitting that they can be used, he should have said: “Yes, you can use them, but most don’t make the water hot enough. And this won’t break unless you drop it.” Even then there’s cognitive dissonance, as most people will think, “He must be wrong, I have one and my coffee is perfectly fine.”

I wish the camera hadn’t cut away from the hosts’ faces when they tasted the coffee, because the best stretch of conversation was just prior to that and it could have continued about the coffee instead of transitioning to the charred coffee on the table.


Written by Nick

30 May, 2009 at 4:08 am

Posted in Coffee

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