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USBC 2009

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For once I am not displeased that one of my predictions was wrong: Mike Phillips has won the US Barista Championship. I previously mentioned that I was afraid that the coffee would be the deciding factor; not necessarily a bad thing in general, but definitely antithetical to a barista competition. It appears that I was completely off my rocker when I posited that. Good.

Good thing #2: Mr. Phillips regularly works the bar, and trains the baristi at the Broadway Intelligentsia (in Chicago!), which means that he’s directly impacting drink quality. I have nothing against people who aren’t line baristi in competition, but that kind of ability has a more immediate impact when it is used to serve customers.

It is¬†troubling that most of the barista talent appears to be concentrated in the Intelligentsia organization. This is good for Intelli, and good for Intelli’s customers, but indicative of a disparity in how the barista profession (which is still emerging in this country) is treated within coffee companies.


Written by Nick

8 March, 2009 at 8:37 pm

Posted in Coffee

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