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The Future?

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This is a story about Intelligentsia’s new Venice location.

It sounds like the best possible concept store, and I applaud Doug Zell’s imagination and bravery. I think it will work, and I think it will draw attention to the coffee and the craft. Good on them.

It’s even being described as a “game-changer”. I think that might be overstating it, and I have two objections to descriptions like this. The first is that most coffee shops still do business mostly with people in the immediate surroundings. It’s the nature of the product. Unless enough buzz is generated and it becomes an attraction, most of the customers will be locals. The other objection is that it’s still a concept store, and I have doubts about how well the space will accommodate people who want to hang out (I still think table service is the best solution to this). I could very easily be wrong about the latter, since I haven’t seen photos.

In any case, I am eager to see the new shop and the reactions to it.


Written by Nick

8 January, 2009 at 5:22 pm

Posted in Coffee

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