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Are We Fighting a Losing Battle?

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From Wikipedia, “Turkish Coffee”:

 In recent times, Turkish coffee has become less popular than tea (which was grown locally, and could be bought without hard currency), instant coffee, and other modern styles of coffee.

Granted, this is Wikipedia, and this particular section has no citation, but what does this say? A coffee culture as developed as Turkey’s is moving away from Turkish coffee (which, if you haven’t tried, I highly recommend)? Does this mean that the world will generally move towards greater convenience, and that quality will be lost?

Is “super-specialty coffee” an anachronism? Or should it just be relegated to a very tasty margin?

And what of convenience? Is lugging around a paper sippy cup full of staling coffee really that convenient? How is the instantaneousness of espresso not convenient? What drives consumers to large beverages?


Written by Nick

25 December, 2008 at 9:51 pm

Posted in Coffee

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