This blog really wants to stand at a bar and drink his espresso.

Less Hate in ’08…and ’09

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Apologies to one Matt Altier, from whom I lifted and adulterated the post’s title.

So out of some trepidation concerning the fact that my insignificant rants on this blog might be perceived as punkish and overly critical, I am hereby implementing the cessation of such criticality indefinitely. In its place will appear guarded enthusiasm for all of the good things that are going on in specialty coffee (can we please find another term for it?) right now.

Good stuff: A little birdie told me that there are now Clovers in every Intelligentsia, and that they will soon begin table-side siphon brewing. Three cheers for the beginnings of table service!

Another little birdie (well, many non-avian entities in actuality) told me that Metropolis has acquired a pourover stand, and might soon be putting that into retail use.

And then there’s this: Good Things at INTELLI.LA. There’s a new Black Cat, and the details of the blend have been released! I’m overjoyed to see blend details released, as I like to know what I’m drinking, and it actually increases my respect for the roasters and growers seeing what they can do with the coffee they have – like making a rounded blend from only two coffees. If this is the stuff I had at the Barista Jam this past weekend, then get to your nearest Intelligentsia location now, because this espresso is yum.

Speaking of Barista Jams, I got to cup a killer natural Sidamo from Metropolis, which I will hopefully be brewing at work soon. Intelli hasn’t touched natural coffees with a two(three?) year pole, and Metropolis seems to be gobbling up all the berry-licious fun in that vacuum.

More on the Barista Jam soon…including Doug Zell pushing by-the-cup brewing, and the rest of the industry resisting.


Written by Nick

8 October, 2008 at 2:41 pm

Posted in Good News

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  1. It’s no hate Nick, NO HATE ’08!


    12 November, 2008 at 3:57 pm

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